History of COLOP products and solutions

The greater part of all stamps used in Europe and many other parts in the world are self-inking stamps. This modern kind of stamp is equipped with an integrated pad which is automatically provided with ink with every stamping process. COLOP is one of the worldwide leading producer of self-inkers and these products are also the most important ones for COLOP.

The number of patents which COLOP has acquired, can be considered as a chronicle of innovative product development, which has created the unmistakable profile of this company within the world-wide stamp business.

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30 years of product innovation - a lot of milestones for modern stamps

Today the product groups PRINTER LINE, CLASSIC LINE, POCKET STAMP, STAMP MOUSE or EXPERT LINE are examples for the variety of the range, which meets all different demands with a suitable stamping device.



Latest Innovations – benchmarks in the stamp business

The new PRINTER from COLOP – unique as you!

2014 has seen the launch of the seventh generation of COLOPs best-selling self-inking stamp, an impressive development due to its unique, modern design and numerous technical innovations and enhancements.

The real highlight is the opportunity to create the design for the XXL image window. It covers almost the entire stamp and therefore offers (nearly) boundless creative possibilities. Whether used for photos, QR codes, company logos or text, COLOP's best-selling product always provides the right solution for almost all requirements. To support this, COLOP has developed two new interesting software tools for the B2B sector and end users, allowing the extra-large ImageCardTM to be personalised on both the front and the rear side of the stamp.

With these two options, COLOP is adjusting itself to the change in consumer behaviour when it comes to stamps. Individual, personal creations are what end users want.

The new Pocket Stamp PLUS from COLOP

It was over ten years ago that COLOP introduced the first of its smart pocket stamps for everyday use. In 2014 a new pocket stamp, the Pocket Stamp 20 Plus, has been launched – an innovation that will take this successful concept to the next level.

The new mobile stamp is available in the classic colours black and white, as well as indigo and ruby. For those who like it more colourful, it is offered in bright, youthful colours like pink, green and yellow.

In addition, the Pocket Stamp Plus is also offered with Microban® antibacterial protection. The Microban technology is built into the main touchpoints of the stamp and inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria.

In terms of technology, it is the automatic slide mechanism that really stands out. When you first use the stamp, you will immediately notice that it can be easily opened, used and closed with just one hand. You no longer need to remove a cap – just slide the stamp and get stamping!

COLOP stamps with Microban® antibacterial protection

2010 - once again, COLOP presents the latest innovation within the stamps sector.

COLOP will be the first global stamp brand that offers products with built-in antibacterial protection.

In daily life stamps are handled by many different people – this means multiple hand impressions and the transfer of bacteria. Microban antibacterial protection inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria!

The Microban brand is the global leader in built-in antibacterial protection, with expertise in the addition of a range of antibacterial technologies into a wide variety of materials and product applications.

Since signing an agreement with Microban, COLOP has the rights to use the Microban additive and brand trademark in the manufacture and the marketing of the COLOP range of products.

Microban® is a registered trademark of the Microban Products Company.

Green Line – the first “green stamp” on the market

Another milestone within the stamp business coming from COLOP is the so called Green Line.

In the year 2008 COLOP was the first company in the stamp-business to introduce a line of “green” stamps in the market. The great success of the “Green Line” proofed COLOPs idea and also the large quantity of imitators. In the same year – it was again COLOP to be the first stamp producer who was certified ISO 14001 (Environmental Management).

The Green Line products are made predominantly from recycled materials - a minimum of between 65 % and 80 % recycled plastic is used.

Plastic waste is one of the major problems that cause continuously growing mountains of rubbish. That’s why COLOP buys in these plastic granules, which is recovered from collected and sorted waste. By doing this, waste will be utilised for repeated and long-lasting use.

The packaging materials are made from 100% uncoloured recycled cardboard.

The Green Line Classic models are fitted with a wooden handle, made of oiled, European beech which have the FSC®-label (FSC = Forest Stewardship Council®). The wooden handle gives the product that ‘special something’ both in environmental and aesthetical terms.

During the ISO 14001 Certification process, the Green Line was also audited.

EOS – innovative stamps from COLOP


Recently COLOP have introduced another type of stamp called the Flash stamp. The Flash stamp has a pre-inked text plate and, as the name suggests, is produced by using flash technology. This new range is known as the EOS-Line. The flash machine produces enough heat to manufacture the text plates and allows for quick and easy production. An EOS-Line Flash stamp can be manufactured in just a few minutes, allowing customers to leave with a custom stamp in a very short space of time.

There are four simple steps to producing an EOS-Line Flash stamp.